Maafushi corner

Maafushi Corner

Maafushi is a beautiful island located just 14 kilometers away from the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (formally known as Male’ International Airport). ”
Maa-fushi” is a local name derived from the combination of 2 words whereby “Maa” means “Big” and “fushi” means “The island”.
Therefore in combined, it is called the Big Island, though its an average size of a Maldives island. with 1200 meters in length and 250 meters in its width. You can walk around the island in less than one hour.

Surrounded by multiples of coral reefs, dive points, sandbanks, luxury resorts, and numerous other touristic attractions, the island is easily accessible either by speedboats (approx 40 min.) or scheduled ferryboats from Male’ or the airport (approx 90 min). With the first step on the island, you will be amazed by the hospitable and welcoming locals roaming calmly on the sands of the roads.

While the environment offers you a relaxing and a smoothing ambience, the peacefulness and the calmness of the streets gives you a feeling safety and protection in any where of the island.

Maafushi is traditionally known as a fishing village, where one third of the local population is directly engage in the fisheries activities. Just before the sunrise, with the first appearance of the light in the dawn, the local fishermen begin their hectic journey of fishing, starting from catching baits at the nearby coral reefs and lagoons. Once enough baits are caught, the fishing vessels rush to the deep ocean in search of fishes. Rods in hand and lines stringed to rods, the fishermen engages in the most popular methods of fishing – the pole and line fishing of tuna. Nearing the sunset, the fishing vessels set their route back home. In the mean time the shores of most of the local islands become crowded with people waiting for fishermens’ return to buy handful of fishes taken from the boats to the shore.

General Information Local Tourism & Guest Houses

Despite fishing being an integral part of the locals, the island has recently been developed as touristic destination with the emerge of local guesthouses. Initiated in the most simplest terms, the guesthouse business began with residential houses refurnished into rented apartments for budget tourists and backpackers. However, then the small investments has now developed in to mult-million dollar investments with 3- 4 star hotels attracting wealthy investors. And Arena Beach Hotel is one of the wealthy investments in Maafushi. Please be aware of some local laws that must be obeyed on Maafushi.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden and must not be consumed anywhere on the Island. Bikinis are only to be worn on dedicated beaches that are clearly marked. We appreciate that you follow these local laws as a sign of respect to the local people who have been kind enough to share this Island paradise. The native language of the Maldives is called “Dhivehi” which is a mix of Arabic and Sri Lankan Language. However, English language is commonly and widely used all around the Maldives

There are 2 ways by which you can come to Maafushi. One is by public ferryboat (90 minutes), which leaves from Male’ at 15:00hrs at Villingili Ferry Terminal Daily except for Fridays. And the ticket price for ferryboat is $2 per person. The hotel staffs would be waiting at Maafushi Jetty holding the hotel name board.  Alternatively, you can hire private speedboat (30 minutes) directly from the hotel. And the hotel staffs would come to welcome you at the airport and would escort you direct from Airport to Maafushi. The speedboat is more convenient that the ferryboat. The price for Speedboat hire would be $175++ per one way.

Maafushi is an average sized island with 1200 metres in length and 250 metres in its width. You can walk around the island in less than one hour. Since Maafushi is a local island, an appropriate dressing is required in the island. Commonly acceptable dress code in the island includes shorts, t-shirts, shirts, sleeveless t-shirts, vests, vest tops, jeans, pants and other casual clothes. Bathing Suits like bikini is not allowed at anywhere in the island except for private beach. Transparent and see-through dresses are also not allowed at anywhere in the island. Maafushi has one hospital and a pharmacy.

Maafushi’s electricity is 220 Volts, 50 Hz. Electrical outlets accommodate standard UK style 3 flat pin plugs. Adapters may be purchased at the hotel or from convenient stores.  There are many other restaurants in the island. There is 100% mobile phone coverage available at anywhere of the island with good GSM international roaming.

Wifi is available at all the hotels and restaurants. And also, 3G and 4G mobile internet is commonly available. Maafushi can be considered as one of the most safe island in Maldives. You are free to walk on any street of the island without any disturbance. Tourist Police is available in case if anything happens. There are mosquitoes in the island and if you are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites then it is recommended to use a mosquito repellent, which is available at the hotel or from convenient stores. Satellite TVs are available through out the island


  • Some Commonly Used Local Phrases with English Meaning
  • Hello. – Assalaamu alaikum.
  • How are you?– Haalu kihineh?
  • Fine, thank you– Ran’galhu, shukuriyaa.
  • What is your name?– Kon nameh tha kiyanee?
  • My name is______ . – Aharenge namakee ______.
  • Nice to meet you– Baddhalu vee thi varah ufavejje.
  • Thank you– Shukuriyaa.
  • You’re welcome– Maruhabaa.
  • Yes– Aan.
  • No– Noon.
  • I’m sorry– Ma-aafu kurey
  • Goodbye– Dhanee.