1 to 5 Dives from the Boat   40USD
6 to 10 Dives from the Boat 35USD
Dives over 10                       30USD
Check dive from the Boat  +15USD
Check Dive from shore        35USD

Scuba Refresh                    120USD

Night dive*                          45USD

Non diver on board             20USD
Bubble Maker                     70USD
Discover Scuba , try dive.   70USD
Discover Scuba Diving     120USD

Private Guide (extra per dive) +50USD
Private Boat (extra)        +300USD
Speed Boat (min 2 Pax)    100USD

Dives include tanks and weights
Night dives are not incl. in the package
* Torch not included



Padi Scuba Diver (2 Days) 250USD*
Up-grade SD to OWD 200USD*
Padi Open Water Course 3-5days 420USD*
PAdi Open Water eLearning 380USD*
Padi Open Water referral. Per dive 70USD*
Padi Advanced (5 dives/2day)+Night 315+30USD*
Padi Emergency First Response (1day) 150USD*
Padi Rescue Diver Course (4 days) 410USD*
Padi Dive Master Course (14 days) 900USD*


Padi Enriched Air Nitrox (no dives)     50USD*
Padi Night diver (3 dives)                   175USD*
Padi Wreck diver (4 dives)                  210USD*
Padi Naturalist diver (2 dives)             130USD*
Padi U/W Digital fotographer (2 dives) # 130USD*
Padi Drift diver (2 dives)                     130USD*
Padi Deep diver (4 dives)                     210USD*

Private instructor +50%
* PADI Digital Book with Certification Cost 80USD
# Camera is not included

Courses include full equipment for the duration of the course. Specialties do not include equipment.
Equipment will be discounted by 50% after courses


Prices per dive

Mask + Snorkel 2USD
Fins 2USD
Mask + Snorkel + Fins 3USD
Regulator 5USD
BCD-Jacket 5USD
Wetsuit Shorty 5USD
Full Diving Equipment 1 Dive 10USD

Diving Computer 3USD
Torch 8USD
iPhone Housing 10USD

Air Tank 15 ltr. (extra) 5USD
2 Air Tanks 15 ltr. (extra) x day 8USD
Nitrox tank 12 ltr. 5USD
2 Nitrox tanks 12 ltr. 9USD
Nitrox tank 15 ltr. 8USD
2 Nitrox tanks 15 ltr. 15USD

All prices quoted in USD

We accept Visa & MasterCard
Prices include GST tax
Full Diving Equipment includes:
Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Regulator and Wetsuit