Nitrox Diving


Nitrox – enriched air diving is a new dimension in recreational diving.
Nitrox is the newest tool to extend the no-decompression time limits given to divers. It replaces some of the nitrogen in the compressed air with oxygen, so you absorb less nitrogen during the dive.
Children should be comfortable in the water, but they don’t have to be super swimmers A beautiful experience along a Red Sea reef.

This makes diving safer within any known limits.

COST: € 60.00
€35.00 Certification Costs
€25.00 Padi Manual

If applicant signs yes to any of the medical history questions, please consult your physician for approval.

  • Padi Enriched Air Nitrox specialty course, 1 day An example of the benefits:
  • normal air 21% oxygen – 79% nitrogen depth: 18 metres no-decompression limit: 56 minutes
  • enriched air 32% oxygen – 68% nitrogen depth: 18 metres no-decompression limit: 95 minutes
  • enriched air 36% oxygen – 64% nitrogen depth: 18 metres no-decompression limit: 125 minutes

Our courses follow the PADI standards of the enriched air specialty. Tank rental on daily diving packages, wreck diving and live-abroad trips is readily available for certified Nitrox divers.


Padi Enriched air Nitrox
course, is a full

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nitrox course. Allows you to dive with nitrox till a maximum of 40% O2 and extend your bottom time.
Courses can be taken even during a Thistlegorm trip.

A video will give full explanation then one of the instructors will answer any questions. A test will be held before diving, 50 questions with multi-choice answers, will qualify you to dive with Nitrox.

Thistlegorm is one of the best, most recently found, old ships in the warm Red Sea and diving the Thistlegorm by Nitrox takes you to a new dimension.
As the Thistlegorm is already located at 30 metres, depth and time are critical; Nitrox takes the worries away. We usually organise ourselves with two dives using 15 lt. Nitrox tanks .

The first dive, with Nitrox at 32%, is on the outside of the wreck, the deepest areas, having a full view of the whole ship for approximately 45 – 50 minutes, increasing your time by 15 to 20 minutes from normal 12 lt. air tanks.
Surface interval time of one hour and then into the second dive with Nitrox 36% will allow you enough time to visit all the inside of the wreck and see the jeeps, motorcycles, boots, tanks and rifles.

You will be more relaxed and not have to worry about air supply or decompression timing.