Курс Draеger Rebreather

Shhhhhhhhhhh…. Rebreathers are here. Try out a rebreather dive – no noise, no bubbles! The Drager Semi-Closed Circuit rebreathers are available for rent to rebreather certified divers. For divers wanting to try a rebreather, we offer an ‘Experience Rebreather Diving’ program. These are an absolute must for the adventurous diver and photographers wanting to try something new!


The Experience program is designed for certified Advanced Open Water divers over 16 year of age, to introduce you to all of the advantages and safety issues that are related to SCR. The experience includes an information session on the history of Rebreathers, advantages, differences, equipment, safety and ‘how-to’ dive a rebreathers. Following classroom and equipment setup, you will enjoy a fantastic, fun and unusual dive in Tiran or Ras Mohamed National Park. Bring your mask and fins – we’ll supply the rest. The dive will be conducted on Nitrox 40%.

Note: As an experience program, you are not required to be Nitrox certified.


This 3 day course encompasses 4 dives plus shallow water skills on the Drager Dolphin or Ray Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather. Classroom time for lectures and reviews run a minimum of 8 hours. Topics covered during the course include history & evolution of rebreathers, comparison of open, closed and semi-closed circuit, practical mechanics of the Dolphin, gas physiology, formulas & physics, dive tables, dive planning, mixing Nitrox, advantages, safety, shallow water skills & dives.

You must be Advanced Open Water Diver and 16 years old with a Nitrox certification. Rebreathers, gases, materials and dives are all included.


As a Rebreather diver, rent a DOLPHIN for some fantastic diving in the Red Sea. Photo opportunities abound on Rebreathers, and the walls are a silent wonder to behold. Or bring you own rebreather – we’ll supply the tanks and scrubber packs for you. Shore and boat diving available.

Drager – The secret of silence

Drager Dolphin Semi-Closed Rebreathe

You dive into the water and in an instant you are in a different world. Stress, noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life suddenly seem far away. You become one with the silent world and are acutely aware of your senses.

No noisy valves, no hissing air, no annoying air bubbles – nothing. Even the ordinarily shy inhabitants of the sea are hardly bothered by your presence. And you are free to enjoy the fascinating feeling of being an accepted guest. For the first time you can exp erience the silence of the silent world.

You are diving with a rebreather -the Drager Dolphin. This semi-closed rebreather allows you to experience diving as never before. What is special about rebreather systems is that your exhaled gas is not released into the water as in conventional open circuit systems, but is purified and returned to the breathing circuit. As a result, you can enjoy your dive to the fullest – not only a longer dive, but also a completely undisturbed adventure.

Drager Dolphin – a quite new diving experience The Drager Dolphin removes carbon dioxide from the exhaled gas through a sodalime cartridge and then channels it into the inhalation bag, where it is enriched with fresh Nitrox from the supply cylinder.

This constant supply of fresh gas ensures that you will always be provided with enough oxygen. If, however, you should need more gas – for example if you are subjected to great physical exertion or you wish to clear your mask – a bypass valve opens automatically to supply additional fresh gas. For very shallow breathing – for instance if you are”lying in wait” for a photo opportunity – the circuit opens and small air bubbles escape almost silently through the positive pressure valve behind you.

Another aspect of rebreather diving you will enjoy is that the inhaled air is pleasantly warm and moist. This is because the chemical reaction involved in the absorption of carbon dioxide generates warmth and moisture, and as a result even ice diving can become a real joy.

As a result of optimal reuse of the exhaled gas, your gas consumption drops by up to 90%, meaning that the Dolphin’s 4 or 5 liter cylinder can last for a whole weekend of diving.