Our Trip Details

After arriving and settling in to your cabin a meeting will be arranged to talk about the week’s diving plan, sites to visit, level of each diver and buddy groups. Instructions on using the facilities of the boat, environment and safety will also be covered to quickly familiarise all guests, which we find usually helps relax before the first night aboard. You will be awoken by a bell, the first dive is taken before breakfast, even before your morning shower, but an incredible breakfast is waiting as you surface. Relax a while on the sundeck and after the second dive you will come up and be greeted by a delicious lunch. In the early afternoon we jump in the water for the third dive, after which there will be high tea with cakes. A night dive is then available by request.

The wide diving deck is more than comfortable for all the divers to gear up at the same time. Briefings are done before each dive on the sun-deck where you have an arial view of the site, as well as the aid of a ‘guide book,’ so a clear explanation is offered for the direction, depth and time of the dive along with what to expect. Available for the guest’s use is a library of videos and books on the Red Sea, dive sites, fish and corals and some fiction books for your pleasure. Lots of video films for your entertainment along with a sound system for tapes and CDs. Coffee and tea is available throughout the day.