3/5 Days complete PADI Open Water Certification Course including:

  • Theory Classroom
  • Pool/confined and open water training
  • Complete scuba equipment

NOTE: If you’ve completed your classroom work elsewhere and have a referral from that school, you may complete the open water training portion of your certification only. See below for prices.


Our course is staffed by a team of professional instructors who are dedicated to teaching diving in a fun, safe and relaxing manner. To become part of this program you need to be in reasonably good health. There is no need to be an Olympic swimmer to participate in diving.

COST: €350.00

All Scuba equipment included and after the course you will have a 50% discount on your further rentals.  Open Water Training Dives Only: €60.00 each- Equipment Included €80.00 Certification Cost, Padi Manual and table cost               MEDICAL FORM: If applicant signs yes to any of the medical history questions, please consult your physician for approval. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MEDICAL STATEMENT


Enjoy the use of the most modern, up-to-date training methods available. We utilize audio-assisted instruction in a complete, easy to follow format. These classroom modules are used to review and better understand what you have already learned in your manual. The classroom format is designed for your participation and totally involves you in many aspects of diving.


The pool training sessions are designed for you to enjoy a smooth transition to the underwater world. These sessions will help you relax and have fun in the water using scuba equipment. All this is accomplished with your instructor by your side. We will have plenty of time to cover all scuba skills and gain proficiency in scuba techniques.


All four of your open water training dives will be done off of our housereef on the warm, colorful reefs of the fabulous Red Sea. On these dives you will confidently demonstrate scuba skills that were practiced in the pool. You will not be asked to do anything that you have not already practiced in the pool. The skill portion of the dive takes up to about15 minutes. The rest of each dive, about 45 minutes, is spent exploring the fascinating underwater world.