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Ras Katy

Ras Katy is about 10min cruise from Travco jetty, easy dive site suitable for beginners, check dive and night dive. Boats usually moor near large outcropping coral pillar. Dives are made at the coral pinnacle colonized by small table corals and Raspberry corals. The sandy seabed is starting from about 5m to 18-20m at a point on line with drop off, where there are some Gorgonians. There are a few more pinnacles on the plateau covered by corals, anthias, butterfly fish, Dominos and fusiliers. You also see glassfish and lionfish along the pinnacles, and Crocodile fish, Blue spotted stingrays and scorpion fish on the sandy bottom. Sometimes when the tide is riding, you may come upon a strong current that will allow you to make a drift dive to Temple.



This site lay in the middle of a large bay between Ras Umm Sid and Ras Katy, easy dive site suitable for beginners, check dive and night dive. On a vast sandy plateau at the depth of 6-30m there are three coral pillars that resemble the columns of an ancient temple, hence the name given in the early 1970s. A few mooring situated around the largest coral pillar. Since Temple is rather small, you can explore the site choosing your own route, however, you should visit to the beautiful gorgonian with glassfish at around 30m on the edge of drop off. The site presence of many species of butterfly fish, parrot fish, lion fish, Batfish and some Napoleon fish is virtually guaranteed.


Ras Um Sid

Ra Umm Sid is the name of the promontory with a high lighthouse that marks the beginning of the Strait of Tiran on the western coast. It is renowned for the extraordinary proliferation of gorgonians that create a veritable forest here, the most beautiful in all the northern Red Sea. There is mooring situated on a rocky block at 25m, however often we make drift dive, there might be a strong current. Start from massive pore coral and descends to 25m, where you pass through the famous gorgonian forest, then ascend to the plateau at 14m. Here among numerous coral pinnacles covered Alcyonarians, there are hundreds of reef fish, lionfish, parrotfish and Napoleon fish. From this point, you can return shallow enjoying the small caves with glassfish or pigmy sweepers. Or continue to Paradise if you are making drift dive.



Paradise is a easy drift dive site, check the direction of the current before starting. Here is a varied and colourful landscape, and large areas are covered with soft corals. You will find a couple of beautiful gorgonians on the drop off and large table corals grow. By going through this superb marine landscape you will be able to admire a host of reef fauna, from parrotfish to the Napoleon fish, butterfly fish and ever present anthias.


Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is easy drift dive site, often more quiet than other dive site. Check the direction of the current before starting. A slope runs at 10-26m and some coral pinnacles stand. At the beginning you explore the reef slope about 26m and circling the coral tower with glassfish, and enjoy some gorgonians at 15-23m. In the northern part you cross the coral garden. Apart from numerous butterfly fish, anthias, Sergeant majors and some Royal angelfish.



The name of this site derivers from 17th century shipwreck of a Turkish vessel with a cargo of amphora containing mercury. Amphoras lay southwest of Tower, on a line with the northern tip of Ritz Carlton hotel. There is a sandy slope begins around 12m and has some coral pinnacles of various shapes. One of the pinnacles around 25m is surrounded by a school of anthias and glassfish. Heading to the northern part, you reach a huge table coral before some pinnacles behind which at 23m and firmly stuck into the reef, you can see the original anchor of the ship with inscription as well as fragments of the amphoras.


Pinky´s wall

This wall dive site was named after the multitude of pink Alcyonarian corals, usually not crowded and you will make drift dive. The steep wall goes down over 180m. Keeping the depth about 15m is the best to enjoy the largest concentration of soft corals. There are different type of Scaridae or parrotfish, splendour wrasses and some groupers. Home About Us Try It Diving Live-aboard Pro Courses Specials Offers Prices Sinai Dive Club News Gallery Contact us